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The power of AI-based SEO: Top 7 tools to use for your business

July 5, 2023

Artificial intelligence is reshaping various industries, and the field of search engine optimisation (SEO) is no exception. As businesses strive to be at the top among their competitors, the demand for AI tools for SEO has grown exponentially to streamline their strategies and practices of marketing their brands. 

With this guide from QWERTYLABS, learn the wonders of AI-based SEO tools and how they can help elevate your website’s search engine performance. 

What is an AI SEO tool?

An SEO tool provides you with data and alerts regarding your website’s overall Search Engine Results Page (SERP) performance, including site ranking and visibility, among others. These tools identify your brand’s weaknesses so you know how to address these concerns.

An AI SEO tool uses natural language processing (NLP) functions which help perform various tasks that a traditional SEO tool also does. By having AI and NLP capabilities, AI-based tools enhance a website’s visibility and increase organic traffic. 

The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning improves efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, reducing manual effort, and accelerating data analysis. These tools can streamline processes for SEO professionals to focus on high-level strategies and decision-making.

Criteria for selecting the best AI SEO tools

What works for other brands might not work for you. Choose the best AI SEO tools that fit your business specifically. Either way, every AI-based tool makes SEO automation easier, saving time and effort.

You can identify tools that suit your preference and align your digital marketing efforts by exploring the various use cases and considering key performance indicators (KPI) specific to your business goals. The following are the criteria you need to know so you can make the right choice:

Performance Metrics

An effective SEO tool optimises your website’s performance in your niche market and measures its improvement on these factors:

  • Organic web traffic – An SEO tool does not increase your organic web traffic for you itself. But it should help show visitor preference so you know what drives people to your site. If you know what sells, you will know how to market it to your audience.
  • Click-through rate (CTR) – This is the ratio of views to clicks which can tell you the percentage of impressions on Google. SEO tools can track and analyse CTR, which gives you an insight into how effective your SEO practices are.   
  • Domain authority – SEO tools use this to provide an overview of the reach of a website. The domain authority scores range from 1 to 100, and those with high numbers correspond to a high Google ranking.

User-friendliness and Interface

As a general rule, a well-designed user interface makes the experience smooth for people navigating the site or app. New users of AI-based tools should be able to navigate the web page or app without hassle. The tool’s overall speed and loading time should not be an issue as well.

Features and Functionality 

These tools should elevate user experience by producing the exact results you’re looking for. Innovation and unique resources are a few factors in judging an AI SEO tool’s quality. Expect various SEO tools to have the same functions—you simply have to choose which one to use. Try out the best in these SEO categories to see what features would be helpful to your SEO needs.

Pricing and Value for Money

It’s always a good tip to go for AI SEO tools with the best reputation and discoverability. If you have a limited budget and pricing for these tools, you can try the ones with ongoing free trials and discounts. However, remember that there is a difference between cost and value. You might save more in the long term if you use high-quality AI-based SEO tools.

Customer Support and Documentation

Lastly, it’s impossible for some people not to encounter problems with using AI tools. People should look into the support service from these tools and ensure that it provides reliable assistance whenever they need a particular issue to be resolved. The tool itself should provide helpful guides for every customer, such as tutorials and FAQs. 

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Top 7 Best AI SEO Tools

There are many tools out there, but you should narrow it down to the best of the best. Some of them are present in your browser as a plug-in which makes it easier as you use it to research your sites for your tasks.

Your strategy for SEO should be based on the data you collect and how you gauge the audiences. Many automated SEO tasks can be changed with these tools, and you use them effectively. 


A project made by OpenAI, this tool has served as a tool for content creation. ChatGPT has a chat bar where people can put in prompts or ideas, and ChatGPT will give them answers from data gathered online from various sources. 

Key Features

ChatGPT is a natural language processing powered by AI, allowing people to converse with the program. Depending on the prompt, this can help people get the needed content. This popular tool is used to write full articles based on the prompts you feed to it. ChatGPT can also help generate quick outlines for content writers or even suggest keywords that can help with the rankings.  


Midjourney is a generative AI program created by Midjourney Inc. It generates images from natural language descriptions. Just like ChatGPT, this works with inputting prompts, but instead of getting generated written articles, Midjourney produces AI art based on various artworks found online. 

Make sure you create a descriptive prompt so the image upscaling can work. It is useful for website design because you can have images that best fit the site’s aesthetics. 

Key Features

Midjourney’s most prominent feature is the describe prompt which generates an image based on the four descriptions the user has to give.

People can use the style from one image and implement it in the next. This has helped produce new forms of art based on different art websites. In addition, you can also adjust the light on certain images, which enhances its brightness or overall quality. 


CopyAI is an AI-powered platform that helps in creating written content. It can produce an engaging, targeted sales copy based on the customer's needs. The writing tool also provides suggestions and ideas that can help optimise your content, enhance search engine visibility, and improve web traffic. 

The most useful feature of CopyAI is the free keyword generator. Users can also access the dashboard with all the available AI writing tools, including article writing tools, website copy, social media, content ideation, and more. 

Key Features

CopyAI is an amalgamation of multiple tools. This can be used to outline written content that best fits SEO standards. It provides grammar and editing assistance to make your content more reliable and appealing to the reader. You can also specify the tone and style you want to use, especially when considering the niche you’re focused on. 

Overall, CopyAI gives you a spark of inspiration to create content that sells. It gives suggestions of titles and meta descriptions that can potentially grab the attention of visitors and future customers.

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This is the tool most catered to the SEO industry so far. SurferSEO is a cloud-based on-page optimisation tool that can help you analyse and compare your web pages against what ranks on the SERPs with alerts to create a content strategy. You can create your content from that and review it using your plagiarism checker to nail down what you need properly. You also get an outline based on that, which streamlines the process.

Key Features

SurferSEO has five features crucial for SEO that can be used to improve the site’s quality. They are: 

  • Content Editor – This is used to provide relevant keywords and a real-time optimisation measure. It can also generate parts of the text, create an outline, or even catch headlines. 
  • SERP Analyzer – This tool allows you to look into a niche by providing details about pages from the same niche. All the details are separated into factors to analyse correlations and similarities with all the factors.
  • Surfer AI – With this AI technology, you can create articles in minutes. It allows you to go through the researching, writing and optimising process with just a few clicks. You just have to choose a keyword, select a tone of voice, insert links, and then publish.
  • Audit – You can dominate the niche by optimising your content in the audit. This can generate more organic traffic with this add-on. 


Outranking is a comprehensive AI SEO software that helps with content writing, optimisation, strategy, and content brief creation. It provides valuable information and insights to optimise your website’s search engine rankings. With the help of OutRanking, it can also help you make strategic decisions that maximise the investment you made. 

You can gain an edge in a SERP and get the best organic reach possible. With all the features OutRanking presents, this tool can work well with website monitoring. 

Key Features

You can dominate the search engine rankings by taking advantage of what OutRanking has to offer. A useful tool within OutRanking is AI-assisted content writing and it can help create better content with that. There are personalised briefs, drafts, automated corrections, and effective internal links.

There is a plagiarism checker that helps review a person’s writing which makes the content more unique compared to others when an audit is done. Using OpenAI integration, OutRanking can adjust the content and make it more appealing to the SERPs.


Pictory enables powerful AI to generate videos rapidly from text and edit them better than any manual editor. It is an automatic process for creating branded videos or a summary from your long-form content like meetings, Zoom calls, podcasts, and more. 

Key Features

Pictory’s AI automatically extracts the best part of your recordings, and they are shared across social media channels or even with people who weren’t there for the calls. This is a perfect way to make the content digestible compared to most software used to take those parts out. 

Add the best video possible to your blog, which can help the site’s performance and ranking on Google. Pictory helps get the best video possible with captions that make it accessible to most people.


Jasper is an AI writing tool designed to help generate a template for copywriting like blog posts, product descriptions, company bios, ad copy, and even social media captions. 

This helps businesses create content easier for all their channels, not just social media but also their website. You can even create AI-generated images here, which leads to proper integration into the content using Jasper.

Key Features

Jasper boasts some good features that can help SEO pros improve the website’s reach. Jasper presents useful templateresultmeet the standards for SEO. Simply insert keywords into those templates, making your written content more natural.

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Future Trends in AI SEO Tools

Artificial intelligence SEO tools are poised to transform SEO practices that help optimise websites for search engines. As technology continues to bring a new update regularly, AI SEO tools can unlock many possibilities in driving outstanding search enginece and boosting website traffic. 

Here are some possible trends and improvements that can be seen in AI-based SEO tools in the near future:

  • More natural messaging: With all the copy made with AI SEO tools, content can become more compelling with AI. Some people feel it’s unnatural at times which matters because content creators still have to spend time being meticulous about what they’re doing as natural language processing improves.
  • The efficiency with SEO: SEO involves many paths to consider just to get to the right destination. With AI and SEO working together, there might be a clear path to solving SEO problems and streamlining the site for SERPs.
  • Machine learning improves programs: Every program can improve with machine learning because trial and error can work better if they’re designed to work better with time.
  • Predictive SEO: AI can forecast trends with algorithms meaning businesses and websites can stay ahead of the curve. This is promising for SEO professionals because they can improve sites and their rankings in SERPs.

Grow your online presence with AI SEO tools 

The implementation of SEO AI tools in the process of marketing your brand can ease up the work in optimising your website for better search engine performance and bringing quality experience for potential visitors. 

However, it can pose challenges that only SEO professionals can address. While these tools significantly advance digital marketing, they should be seen as a valuable addition rather than a replacement for SEO experts. 

QWERTYLABS provides the best SEO services and recommends top AI tools to help your website or business further extend your market reach. Contact us now if you wish to know more and collaborate with us. You can also explore AI SEO tools’ use and potential on QWERTYLABS’ blog page.   

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions asked for AI SEO tools for their current use and their potential in the long-term future. 

Are AI SEO tools suitable for all types of websites? 

Definitely. It doesn’t matter what your niche is. 

Can AI SEO tools be used by businesses of all sizes?

Yes, any business can use this whether it’s a startup, medium-sized, or large-scale enterprise. They can maximise their tools designed to extend digital marketing efforts.

Can AI SEO tools guarantee top rankings in search engines? 

It cannot guarantee top rankings, but at first glance, it can give you an idea of which sites your competition in your niche industry. You can then employ SEO practices to get you to the top.

How do AI SEO tools improve search engine rankings? 

These tools give you the data you need to improve your rankings. 

What are the differences between AI and traditional SEO tools? 

The primary difference between AI and traditional SEO tools is that the former has automated results from their audits, leading to automated solutions. That is not present with traditional SEO because people have to get the data and work to find a way to get a solution. 

Will AI replace search engines

No. AI and search engines serve different functions in the virtual world. Search engines like Google and Yahoo! lead you to different sources that will answer your questions. AI tools like the ones listed above produce content or collate data based on your needs.

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