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How web design influences Digital Marketing

August 2, 2022

The way a website is visually presented has a huge impact on how users interact with it. There are different ways to design a website depending on the goal you want to achieve. Aside from an eye-striking design, there are plenty of other elements on a website that decides how much of what you want converts directly to what your audience sees.

Since design is not just colours and layout, leading digital marketing and SEO company QWERTYlabs has curated the different aspects of web design that influences digital marketing.


One of the biggest elements in web design is branding because it easily shows how recognizable your business is to the users who visit your website. A great branding on a website creates a distinction between you and your competitors, promotes business recognition, and solidifies customer loyalty. 

Your company’s branding shows in web design when you have a consistent layout on the entire website. In this way, you should always include valuable visual elements that you have on the key points of your website like in the above-the-fold section. And of course, a well-planned colour scheme that translates to the mood you want your website to show is necessary.

UX and UI

Another major part of website design is the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI). UX pertains to how easy it is for users to accomplish a task while UI’s main concern are the visual presentation of the elements of the website. 

These two concepts has a big impact on how users will interact with your website and how they’ll see your products and services. All of the UX and UI optimization will help the overall marketing of your website to the users so make sure to prioritise this. 


Optimizing your website for search engines pertains to many parts of the website, from the content layout to the backend codes. SEO mostly depends on content planning and how it is visually presented which can then affect the ranking of the site in search engines. 

Having lists on the content can help google read your articles better. Another important element is utilizing the right keywords when writing. There are still plenty of other factors you need to consider with SEO so make sure to read our related articles about it to ensure you have a high-quality website.


The last part is the conversion rate optimization (CRO) which refers to the optimization of the website depending on the rate of users who finished a certain task that you wanted them to do. 

This mostly depends on the layout of the landing page or sections of the website where you want the users to interact. To ensure you have a good CRO, you can either place a button that will convert their attention into sales, inquiry, and more or change your conversion button into something that will quickly pique their interest.

Overall, to ensure your marketing objectives are met in your website, you have to consider a lot of factors that pertain to the design. This shouldn’t simply be limited to the layout on the front end but elements on the entire website as well. If you need help designing your website, contact us now here at QWERTYlabs so you can have the high-quality site that your brand needs.

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