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QWERTYLABS: Guide to website builder features for making online casinos

March 27, 2024

In today’s digital age, websites have become the primary platform for businesses looking to reach their target audiences online. However, creating one can be a complex process from start to finish, especially for live service providers like casinos. Fortunately, many services are available to make it easy known as website builders. 

Learn the capabilities of a website builder and how they can benefit your casino business with this guide. Explore all features, tier functionalities, and their significance in building a successful online platform. 

Here’s everything you need to know about website builders from QWERTYLABS: 

What is a website builder?

Simply put, a website builder (or web builder) is a software tool or online service designed for creating websites and web pages. Its purpose is to offer an easy means to create an intractable and accessible internet platform for individuals and companies alike. Some examples of website builders' features include page layout formatting, templates, and menu selections to facilitate the platform’s creation process. 

It’s possible to make a website without using web builders, but that will require heavy knowledge of program scripting. Website builders simplify those complex lines of scripts in the form of tools. This way, you can plot a platform through dragging and dropping tools and assets rather than coding, making the process more intuitive and accessible. 

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Factors to consider in choosing a website builder 

Selecting the right online casino website builder is crucial, and conducting thorough research can narrow your options to the best ones available. The same discipline must be observed when choosing a service provider. Knowing what features they offer and how well they execute them helps make a reliable plan for building your website. 

Accomplish as much as possible using services from the best online casino website builder. See which of them can satisfy the following factors that you need in their services:

Needs of your brand and target audience

The most important factor to consider when choosing a web builder is making a checklist of your online casino needs. To do so, you must establish your brand and identify your target audience. See what your potential customers expect from your business and look for ways to fulfil their demands. Then, refer to this checklist to narrow down your options of service providers until you find the perfect online casino builder who can fulfil your needs.

Your budget limit for making and maintaining a website

Every service comes with a cost, and it’s essential to include this factor as early as possible in your plans for building a website. Take the time to read through the payment plans offered by every website builder, then consider how to make its utilisation fit in with your other expenses.

On top of what you have to pay on your first use of their services, you should also consider the long-term costs you’re willing to spend for maintaining a website, including bug fixes and updates and ongoing support. Therefore, choose a website builder that offers sustainable pricing options aligned with your budgetary requirements. 

Adaptability to industry changes

Customer needs and expectations can change over time, effectively reshaping the online gambling landscape. That means your reliable brand strategies can be ineffective at some point and updating your business model is necessary. See if your website builder can keep up with that demand because chasing marketing trends sometimes requires a website overhaul. 

You can assess their performance as a long-time user so give the web builder a chance to serve you during such sensitive times. Likewise, you can check reviews from their older client and see how well they handled landscape transitions in various industries. If you wish to refer to reviews, then compare insights from different clients to shape your expectations of that service better. 

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Features you need to see from a website builder for online casino

A web builder comes with general features meant to serve all kinds of websites. There are no niche service providers, so you’ll have to work with services that aren't specifically designed for running casinos. That’s why you have to look for web builder options based on the features you need and the quality of their services. 

Here is a website builder guide to every feature you need for your online casino. Consider how each of them will serve your brand and customers, as well as how they can enhance your service in the long term:

Quality of life elements

Quality of life elements refer to features that make the website easy to use for you, the website owner, and your staff, who will edit it frequently over time. Some examples include the drag-and-drop of assets and template elements so graphic designers can tinker with concepts. 

Ease of use is important in web building because you’d want your staff to focus on making it presentable and interactive. Otherwise, you’ll have employees taking precious time mishandling images or other assets. Time consumed by technical difficulties is precious resources wasted, so opt for web builders who can optimise your team’s workflow. 

Freedom for customisability

Every web builder offers templates for users to work with, but they should be extensive. Opt for tools that offer flexible customizability so you can make your online casino as unique as possible. On top of that, it’s also important to make the casino’s style and layout fit your brand to further establish its identity to your customers. 

You can still rely on templates because these are proven layouts that customers can easily understand and use. However, they should have allowances for any kind of change you want to make. Avoid web builders with rigid features that limit your ability to adapt and evolve your online casino’s design over time. Choose tools that empower you to make dynamic changes to your website, enabling seamless adaptation to evolving industry trends.

Template variations 

Templates are quintessential to web building, even if you can have full customisability. Having a variety of them in one web builder does more than give you options to choose from; it also showcases the capability of the tool you are using. You don’t need to be a graphic designer because templates can give you designs, and any of them can be the perfect format to represent your brand. 

On top of that, templates are also pre-optimised for usability and performance. Using them helps prevent encountering bugs that would have appeared if you tried to copy the template manually. Therefore, an online casino builder with great template options can save you plenty of time that would otherwise be used for troubleshooting. 

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Social media support for easy sharing

Social media integration is essential for maximising brand exposure. This is especially true for online casinos because gamblers love to share their gaming experiences and testimonies of how they won big payouts at a game of luck. That is free advertising you can capitalise on because your customers can promote your brand just by sharing. 

Shared content is a reliable entryway for visitors to come to your online casino. This happens because these people came to your website from a post shared by their friend. Therefore, it is content published by someone they trust. Ensure that your website can connect with popular social media websites like Facebook, X, and Instagram to get that benefit.

Mobile device compatibility

Mobile devices like smartphones or tablets are now among the most widely used pieces of technology in the world. Almost every individual is expected to have one as it is useful in professional and personal tasks. With the ability to access online content and applications, including casino gaming apps, these devices have surpassed traditional communication methods like calls and texts. 

Giving your casino mobile compatibility is also helpful for marketing. Search engine optimisation (SEO) also covers accessibility for your website, and making it usable on mobile devices gives it a good score in Google’s algorithm. That means links to your website and mentions of your brand rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Capacity to maximise SEO 

Website builder SEO marketing is crucial for any online business, especially when you’re just starting. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience that does not cost as much as traditional advertising methods. Having a website that can optimise SEO helps with exposure.

Key components of website builder SEO include tags, keyword search, meta-data (or meta descriptions), and a sitemap generator, which are what you need to look for. Google considers these factors when ranking your website so if you can use them effectively, your brand can appear on the first page of search results more often. 

Free SSL certification or offers public key certification plans

Website security is paramount for safeguarding user data and maintaining trust in your brand. Fortunately, many website builders give free secure socket layer (SSL) certificates or offer it as part of their payment plans. It uses encryption to protect your domain and its visitors from bad actors online.

An SSL certificate secures all data transmitted through your website, including sensitive information like users’ identity and contact details. Since you are running a casino, it is crucial to protect users’ credit/debit card details and private keys. Having an SSL certificate also ensures your brand’s reputation, instilling confidence in potential customers. 

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Fair and flexible pricing plans

This part of the website builder guide revisits the topic of budget. Just because you can afford it doesn’t mean that you should opt-in. Explore more options and see which web builder offers the best quality of services for your money. Compare two service providers with similar pricing plans to determine which one offers superior benefits. 

Opt for the provider that aligns closely with your casino’s requirements and provides comprehensive services within your budget. Having a flexible pricing plan is also ideal because you might not need all of their services. This potentially results in cost savings while ensuring optimal functionality for your website. 

Reliable and competent customer support team

Using website builder tools to create your online casino is a collaborative effort between your brand and the software provider. Expect to encounter technical difficulties where you will need to be assisted. For that reason, you should consider how quickly they can answer when you contact them. 

Consider the responsiveness of customer services when evaluating providers. Ideally, inquiries should be addressed within an hour via phone support. For email inquiries, it’s best that you give them up to three days of grace period. They don’t need to be available 24/7 if you don’t mind operating within working hours, but they can significantly enhance convenience for users from different time zones.  

Competence is the most important quality of customer support. How effective they can be depends on your issue, but there should be at least positive progress. It may take a few follow-ups until the issue is resolved, but customer service needs to reassure you, offer alternatives, and explain the casino's terms and conditions. 

Build your online casino with QWERTYLABS

Website builders simplify the process of creating an online casino website, but marketing and content publication present distinct challenges. If you ever need help in these fields, QWERTYLABS is an expert in all forms of digital marketing with specialisations in SEO optimisation and content creation. Contact us to learn more about our robust services

Partnership with QWERTYLABS ensures you capitalise on opportunities to boost your brand and establish a customer base that won’t slip past you. Everything you need to ensure the success of your online casino can be seamlessly integrated, courtesy of our expertise in providing top-notch casino content, backlinking solutions, and SEO services. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are frequently asked questions about website builders:

How do website builders work?

Website builders provide users with tools to use to make a website. All of the heavy lifting done in coding is simplified into assets that you can place and adjust into the platform. This way, the users can drag and drop every element of the website without being concerned about programming scripts. 

What factors should I consider when choosing a website builder for my online casino?

You should look for web builders that offer tools for your online casino needs. That includes game integration features, payment gateway, and capacity to scale with traffic growth. 

Are website builders suitable for all types of online casinos?

No. Many website builders are designed for simpler platforms like a forum, blog site, or platform for receiving business contacts. Online casinos have robust features, so you have to look for web builders who can offer the tools you need for your business. 

Do I need technical skills to use a website builder for my online casino?

No. Website builders are designed to be user-friendly. It forgoes the need for manual coding so that the user can focus on web design. Business teams can have a graphic designer make a presentable website without requiring a fundamental knowledge of any scripting language at all. 

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