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Complete guide to search advertising to boost your online casino

October 21, 2022

Ads that appear in search engine results are part of a marketing strategy called search advertising or search ads. They are also known as paid search ads or search engine marketing. Those who use Google reveal a lot about their intent, especially if they are looking for the best casino site to bet on. Thus, search ads are a highly effective form of marketing.

What are search ads?

Complete Guide To Search Advertising 1

Search ads are a powerful tool for reaching your target audience since it is based on data that users provide when using Google or other search engines. This information allows advertisers to produce content related to their client's goods and services. In return, it drives more traffic to the site. For casino brands, this traffic will ideally turn to new bettors on the site.

Some results at the bottom or upper part of a Google search page are paid advertisements, while the rest are solely based on your query. You will see a small green 'Ad' icon next to paid search results on Google, indicating that they are not organic. 

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Who offers search ads?

Most search engines provide advertisers with platforms allowing display ads alongside organic results. It is one of the best ways for search providers to earn a profit based on the intent of their users. Regular bettors, for example, would see ads on top online casinos that they might want to place bets on.

While Google dominates the global search engine market, you can't ignore the services and audiences of these platforms:

  • Microsoft Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Ask
  • Baidu.

What is Ad Rank?

An Ad Rank is a value that determines its placement on a page or whether or not it will appear at all. Each time your ad meets the criteria for display, your Ad Rank will be updated. With Google's second-price auction mechanics, advertisers only pay the amount required to outbid their nearest rival based on their Ad Rank rather than the entire price.

Ad Rank is Google's equivalent of PageRank. It is an algorithm that calculates how much an advertiser needs to spend whenever a website visitor clicks on one of their ads.

To help market your service or your business, QWERTYlabs can do the magic. We also offer casino link building to boost your casino brand. 

Google ads: Searching ads made better

Complete Guide To Search Advertising 2

It's important to place paid ads where they will have the greatest impact on the people you want to reach. It's not difficult to do since an estimated 2.9 billion users visit Google every month, and 5 billion people use the search engine every day.

When Google Adwords was launched in October 2000, now known as Google Ads, it became an online advertising platform. Advertisers can post product listings, service offerings, brief advertisements, or even videos. It's one of the reasons why Google rose to fame and success, eventually surpassing every other platform on the web.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) ad where the advertiser pays when their ad is clicked. Using Google Ads is an efficient method of actively attracting prospects looking for the best online casino. 

When used properly, Google Ads can analyse and improve your ads over time, allowing online casino brands to reach a wider audience and more effectively meet their sponsored campaign goals.

Why advertise on Google?

Over 5 billion searches are made on Google daily, making it the most popular search engine. Moreover, the Google Ads platform has been operational for nearly two decades, making it a veteran in sponsored ads.

But your results will be pushed down the page even if you rank organically. It's because thousands of businesses utilise Google Ads to market their company. To have a better ranking, make sure to provide relevant content. 

This is where QWERTYlabs comes in. With the help of our services, like our casino link-building services, we can help you remain on top of SERP and in your search ads. 

How to effectively use Google Ads

With various competitors trying to reach their targeted audience with the help of Google Ads, there are certain ways you can boost yours with some effective steps. Some of these are: 

  • Avoid using general keyword terms
  • Make use of a pay-per-click (PPC) planning template
  • Boost your content’s quality score
  • Don’t waste time on irrelevant ads
  • Take time building your ad landing page

What is link building and how does it boost search advertising for online casinos? 

Complete Guide To Search Advertising 3

Creating backlinks entails collecting links from other sites to your own. One way to swiftly navigate between different parts of a website is to use links, also known as hyperlinks. 

By tracing these links, search engines can create an index of the entire World Wide Web (WWW). They'll explore the internal links on casino brands and the exterior links to other resources you provide to boost your search advertising. 

However, there is more to it than just leaving links to your site everywhere online. Your search engine rankings won't improve with such a shotgun approach. Instead, you must strike a balance between different aspects of your strategy. 

Aside from boosting your SEO, link building also provides the following benefits:

Grants online casino credibility

Google's search engine aims to return only the most relevant results to users. It does this by considering 'authority' as a factor to produce significant search results for users. Third-party indicators of your domain's authoritative power, such as links, prove credibility to your casino site. 

Google uses links to rank online casinos

Over 50% of Google's ranking cannot be accounted for without link building. Google places a high value on inbound links and will have difficulty ranking a site without them. It's regardless of how impressive the content may be. You need more backlinks to boost online casino sites than your rivals to outrank them.

QWERTYlabs will help you boost your content in favour of Google's algorithms. Our casino backlink services can also help promote relevant and unique content for your site to entice more players to visit and engage in your betting services. 

More chances for revenue and sales

There are more ways to make money as traffic and metrics improve. With good link building, more people will find your site because it ranks higher in search results. With this, there will be increased product and service sales.

Increases visibility

Aside from helping your site rise in the search engine ranks, link building can also back up your efforts to generate reliable leads. Link building can also assist you in gaining exposure in a new region. This can have far-reaching benefits for your company and rapidly help you become a household name.

Top 5 benefits of using search ads to boost online casinos

Complete Guide To Search Advertising 4

With how big the umbrella of advertising is, there are a lot of techniques and tools you can use to boost your casino site's online presence. This includes the use of search ads. There is no denying that search ads are the more cost-effective and less taxing way of advertising. If you are still thinking of the best ways to advertise, here are the five benefits of using search ads:

  1. Boosts casino brand recognition

To attract customers to your casino site, establishing brand awareness is essential. People are likelier to bet on your site, especially if they are familiar with your superb features. Advertising your casino brand via search engines is a great approach to getting your name out there. It happens when target consumers respond positively to your marketing and learn more about you and what you provide. 

  1. Provide measurable results

What's great about search ads is that you can easily determine the number of visitors clicked through the click-through rate (CTR). You can even tell the user's gender and location. It can aid in narrowing down the best demographic for your business. To bring in more customers, you can focus on the best leads interested in what you offer.

  1. Freedom to advertise to a chosen audience

Businesses can narrow their audience with search advertising by selecting particular demographic and geographic criteria. You can also schedule when the ad will run and specify your search by location, such as city, state, ZIP code, or country. 

Search advertisements also let you single out users in various ways, including their age, interests, and more. That's why PPC ads effectively reach new customers unfamiliar with your site.

  1. Get more qualified leads

PPC advertising allows you to earn more leads or people already familiar with your site. Thanks to this, the customers you attract are more likely to show interest in your business. 

To maximise the use of search ads, choose the landing page displayed to potential customers. You can also direct users to your website with search ads. With this approach, you can draw attention to specific features of your company.

  1. You pay only when customers click on your ad

In pay-per-click ads, you only have to pay whenever one of your ads is clicked on. Whether you're a new business or a well-established company, you'll pay no more than you feel fair. 

You can also restrict spending to a manageable amount, and the system will automatically pause the ad if it exceeds its allotted amount. You can end your search advertisement whenever you see fit if it is not producing results.

How to step up a casino brand’s search ad campaigns?

Complete Guide To Search Advertising 5

Search ad platforms can be straightforward, but there are still ways to improve your ads. You will find much better results with search engine optimisation (SEO). Here are some tips to effectively search your ad campaigns: 

Polish your ad copy

Ad copy, or the words used in a search ad, is an important factor in determining whether or not a customer would engage or not. To write an effective ad copy, it should be clear, interesting, and brief because bettors will avoid reading chunks of paragraphs. 

Don’t run just one ad

Getting a lot of clicks on your ad is not an absolute indicator that it's doing good. It's not a good indicator of how well your ad is doing if it gets a lot of clicks. The rate at which visitors become paying customers or promising leads is the most important metric of an effective search advertisement.

A or B testing can help you determine which approach is more successful with your target demographic. With this, you'll conduct parallel campaigns of the same type and evaluate their relative success. In simple terms, you need to compare two pages or ads against each other to determine which performs well. 

Avoid using negative words

Keywords can hugely affect the traffic and sales casino brands generate, which is why avoiding using negative words is crucial. For instance, the word 'low paying' to describe casino games is a big no. Instead, you can use 'the best games' or 'top games' to affirm that what you have on the list is what they are looking for. With the use of proper keywords, you'll attract more bettors to your site.

Finding the most relevant keywords is important. You can also consider using long-tail keywords while compiling your list because they tend to have less competition.

How to effectively manage your search ad for your casino brand

Complete Guide To Search Advertising 6

You can't just set and forget search engine marketing. Managing an ad properly and continuously improving it involves hands-on management. It's important to keep tweaking your search ad to maximise your impact on various platforms to boost your casino's virtual presence and reach a wider audience.

Some tips you can do to effectively manage your search ads are:

Use the best search advertising platform for your casino site

Choosing the best search advertising platform for your online casino is one of the most important tips to boost your brand or service. With a good advertising platform, your search advertising is better and more convenient. 

Since Google has the most market share, many users choose Google to find what they are looking for. However, besides Google, Bing and Yahoo! are also great platforms. You can find the best platform by comparing the performance of your ads across different channels. 

Advertising on search engines is accessible to all businesses, like online casinos, unlike other forms of marketing. Regardless of the medium, a business' search ad efforts can produce notable benefits. According to the data, 75% of customers who click on paid search ads end up finding the content they were looking for on the page.

Split ad groups

Splitting your ad groups can boost your click-through rate and quality score. It's important to remember that Google Search Network accounts for 91% of the typical click-through rate. You should also track the performance of your various ad groups to see which ones produce the best results for your company.

Improve your landing pages

Search advertisements and landing page content should be consistent both in tone and links you place. Your conversion rate will increase accordingly with the quality of your landing page. 

That is why you should always spend time perfecting your landing page. There should be no ambiguity about what you want your brand or business to be, what you sell, or how much it costs. With transparency and clarity of your landing page, you can maximise your resources and achieve your goals.

Always update your keyword list

The importance of your keyword usage cannot be overstated. The chances of your successful search ad rely on whether the keyword list is full of frequently searched terms. As you plan out your search ad, you can add more strong keywords to your list while removing the weak links. Of course, keeping your brand and business in mind while you do this is crucial.

Effectively boost search ads for your casino site with QWERTYlabs!

If you want to boost your search advertising and strengthen your link building, QWERTYlabs is here to help you achieve the best results. While at it, don't forget to check out some of our services and blogs.

If you want to boost your online casino, QWERTYlabs is the best casino link-building service platform to help you maximise your resources and market your page to reach broader and more active audiences. Contact us for more information!

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